Why MangoCon

  • Conferences come in all shapes and sizes, each type has a different value to it. MangoCon focuses primarily on being heavily vendor neutral with a strong focus on career and technical development. Unlike most conferences that cater to a single vendor ecosystem, focusing on a tight technology set or providing vendor-focused training sessions; MangoCon strives to educate broadly across the IT industry, develop best practices, investigate the future not of products but of the industry and build peer to peer professional relationships.

    MangoCon takes an informal leaning towards the SMB, SME and service provider spaces which is relatively unique, but does so with a technical depth generally associated with enterprise internal training. MangoCon prides itself on mixing technical practicality with pushing the envelope, looking to the future of our industry and preparing decision makers for the needs that they have today in order to be ready for their infrastructures of tomorrow.

    Peer interactions are not just at the cursory of MangoCon, but at its very core. A conference that has a strong online presence year round with the MangoLassi.it community and provides for strong IT pro to IT pro interactions during the conference. We learn when we can discuss, review and create the network effect to increase our understanding of concepts, explore new ideas and learn from each other.

    It is common at conferences to have a large number of technical sessions or "tracks" happening at once. This is ideal for conferences focusing on small, discrete tasks on individual products. At MangoCon, the opposite approach is taken - a single session track with few, far more intense educational sessions. This greatly reduces overlaps, allows for a better core track, minimizes movement and overhead and lets everyone focus on a large, shared value educational experience in a way that few other conferences attempt.

    MangoCon is truly an IT conference, not a product conference. It's ideal for IT decision makers, IT professionals building careers, companies that want to move from subsistence infrastructure to competitive advantage and anyone looking to learn deeply about the IT profession and how to take their organizations and businesses to the next level.


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