Scale HyperCore 7.2 Released

  • Scale is happy to announce the general availability of our HyperCore 7.2 firmware for the HC3 hyperconverged platform.

    This is a rolling upgrade, meaning it is non-disruptive to running VMs. HyperCore versions 7.1.11 and above have a direct upgrade path to version 7.2.16. See the 7.2 Release Notes available in the Customer and Partner Portals for additional upgrade paths.

    New features include:

    • Windows 10/2016 Support
      • Allows for users to install and operate Windows 10 and Server 2016 on the HC3 system
    • Virtual Disk Expansion on Clone
      • When cloning a VM users will have the option to expand the size of the virtual disks and apply the expanded disk capacity to the cloned VM
    • Updated Scale Tools
      • Included is an updated Scale Tools ISO file
        • Scale-virtio-win-0.1.126.sc00.iso
          • New virtIO (performance) storage and network drivers with an easy-to-use Windows installer wizard
          • Newly included is a lightweight agent for application consistent VM-level snapshots
    • New Bulk Actions
      • Added the ability to manually Snapshot, Clone, and Delete for a group of VMs
        • You can select VMs by choosing the VM’s name or applied tags
    • Other Enhancements/Bug Fixes
      • High memory utilization no longer causes VM live migrations to take exceedingly long
      • Max console resolution for Windows 2012/R2 and above is no longer maxed at 1024x768
      • When using more than 90% of the storage capacity the system will automatically prevent new clones, snapshots, and VMs
      • A warning will be issued via email and displayed in the UI
      • Fixed an issue where clocksource failure could cause invalid virtual disk (VSD) lease expiration
      • The background disk scrubber now remedies latent errors that previously could cause issues