Blogging Platforms - Ghost vs. Wordpress

  • Suppose you decide to start your own technical blog, and suppose further that you're working to decide on a blogging platform that's easy to use and requires little maintenance. More than anything, you're focused more on writing good content than amazing people with the best looking site on the planet.

    Of course, you don't want to host it yourself when it's so easy to get a 1-click install of either of these applications from many hosting providers.

    If you had your choice between Wordpress and Ghost, which one would you choose? And what are your reasons for the choice?

    For now let's ignore the reasons for separating the blog from any content you might generate on ML (other than perhaps posts with a synopsis and link to your latest blog) and the effort required to continue producing content.

  • Wordpress

    Easy to setup
    Lot's of online support and pre-built customization
    Can be singular focused or multi focused site

    Target of hackers
    Updates of individual plugins or add ins may be required


    1 Click install
    Fast and Focused blog

    Less troubleshooting is available since it is less common
    Much less 3rd party customization.