Ludicrous spam messages

  • Every couple days i browse the spam quarantine to make sure invoices arent stuck tehre by mistake. Perhaps this will take off here, perhaps not.
    Post some of the dumbest things you get in your spam quarantine.
    Here are a couple subject lines from mine:

    "Hitlers final words before his last breath played for the first time Tuesday 52168119"
    Why??? What???

    "Mark Cuban Says He Can Profit from a Market Crash, No Matter Who's President"
    I get Mark Cuban things similar to this regularly in teh spam filter, not sure why.

    "Mobile Industry Professionals leads"
    These people, who responds to these with "Yes"?

  • Mine seems to always been something about Green Ocean. What I want to know is how is it possible that MS doesn't know to catch that as spam!! I must have market a thousand of those spam messages by now. Always the same and always insanely obviously spam.

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