Black Screen w/ white cursor after login on one user profile

  • Hey guys,

    So I got a call today from one of my customers saying he was having issues with his computer. He reported that it was acting sluggishly, so he rebooted. After rebooting he only got the black screen w/white cursor. Ctrl, Alt, Delete does function, but if you try to go to task manager you get the spinning circle and then nothing happens.

    Since this customer is running Webroot I went back and checked the logs, and apparently his computer did quarantine some items on April 24th. I submitted a ticket to Webroot which they then provided me with a tool to fix quarantined items. Unfortunately the executable they gave me didn't seem to make a difference.

    I'm able to login on another user profile just fine so now I'm wondering if somehow it's just a corrupt user profile even though it's not showing the typical symptoms of that?

  • Windows 10?

  • Sorry, Yes, it's Windows 10, connected to a domain.

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