Oregon Bans Freedom of Speech Because the Use of Math Must be Licensed

  • No, not kidding. Oregon actually has laws on the books that ban freedom of speech where math or design is involved because doing "engineering" which would include any math, designing things or even discussing such things, is illegal. This means, of course, that even doing homework or attending university are potentially criminal acts in Oregon as you cannot legally do the work necessary to become licensed within the state itself. The law was recently used to silence a Swedish engineer who discovered a flaw in the traffic light system in the state.

    Not only are activities like math and design forbidden in the state (unless state approved) but so are standard titles like software engineer, leaving whole fields with no standard terms to describe their work or titles.

  • Imagine students tattling on their math teachers using this law. This law, if the state prosecutes it like exampled here, makes literally everyone in the state a criminal. Get pissed off at someone, turn them in for "engineering" since you can apply that to just anything.

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    Seriously! I'm sure that it started as a ploy to promote the university system to stop engineers from being employed based on merit to ensure that they participated in the state "welfare" system, but didn't think about the fact that it was really limiting freedom of speech AND freedom of thought in order to do so.

  • Basically every district is now considered illegal virtually every business has to use math in order to be able to survive.

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