Anybody else concerned with the uncompressed size of latest dot net runtimes

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    It is not big deal but I am starting to avoid installing it on weak clients, it seems that the latest .net 4.6.2 creates some kind of overhead on slow machines, I cant 100% verify or test it accurately but the registry of course becomes big and that needs to be loaded every time in memory.

    This is 2 screenshot showing .net 4.5 vs 4.6.2 uncompressed size

    I miss the old days of .net 4 client profile and other one for developers called full, the client had only 180 MB install size.

    It seems latest .net have all the Windows Apps Tax, the useless tools for windows store and stuff.

    Also kudos for Microsoft for being able to stuff 1.6 GB file in an 60 MB file.