Shuttles Introduced XPC Nano PC with ARM Processor

  • The year of the ARM desktop is definitely coming. Google mostly led the charge with ARM-powered Chromebooks proving that there was enough horsepower to do the job. Now Windows is going to try releasing to ARM again. And vendors like Shuttle have announced ARM based desktop PC form factors. This particular model ships with an octa-core ARM proc and 2GB of RAM with Android 5.1 (WTF) installed. Remove that and install your own Android or a Linux distro for something interesting.

    The biggest issue here is the complete lack of RAM. We will need 4GB and higher to make really compelling ARM desktops, but this is a great start and shows that manufacturers are starting to think about how to get ARM onto the desktop.

  • Service Provider

    Put 4G in there and I'd be very interested. 2GB, and I just don't really care. The ancient Android version doesn't thrill me, either. This doesn't seem like they are taking it very seriously.