Move vm from Xenserver to Vultr?

  • I have a mediawiki server that this company has used for years running on XS 7.1.
    I just setup an account on and have the 5/month package which is perfect size(and price!) for this vm.
    However i dont see a way to import existing vm disks. there is a custom ISO image option but this isnt an iso.

    so far what ive done:
    XS disk into raw and .qcow2 formats.
    Installed vultr instance with mediawiki application server on centos. This was a template available when building a new instance.

    Thinking about this more i dont think it is easily possible. I suppose it might be easier to just upload the www data folders into the new mediawiki instance on vultr.

  • Honestly the best option is to build a new VM. Mediwiki is a pretty standard and easy application to move. I would just go that route.

  • Yes that is what ive done.

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