Jakub Jedryszek Predicts that C# Has Died in 2017

  • http://jj09.net/c-sharp-is-dead/

    • In 2012 Anders Hejlsberg started working on TypeScript (JavaScript for C# Developers with types).
    • In 2013 Eric Lippert left Microsoft.
    • In 2014 Jon Skeet wrote on his blog about C# inefficiency.
    • In 2015 JavaScript took over the programming language World for good.
    • In 2016 C# is getting more functional features from F#.
    • In 2017 C# is dead.

    He has a point, the use cases have been dropping off over the years. C# is much today like VB6 was a couple decades ago. Still a lot of use, but it all seems to be legacy.

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