WWDC again ....

  • Just gone through the long video.

    Here are my thoughts;

    Quite a few things I like, and some that should have been here a while ago.

    What I like;

    Markup - very handy. Specially for those people that aren't very IT savy and just want to modify some images for changes.
    SMS integration.
    Call integration - Picking up calls on the ipad/desktop is great.
    Quick Wifi/Tethering
    Enterprise management
    Family purchases
    Family pics/chat - a bit like whatsapp if you include the group chats.
    Pricing for cloud storage vs drop box
    Translations on safari - this is going to be very interesting.
    SWIFT - if I was a hardcore programmer, I would have jizzed in my pants.
    Mail on iOS looks very much like Mail app from Dropbox

    What should have been ages ago;

    Custom notifications both on iOS and an OS X.
    Keyboard changes to iOS.
    Improvements on Mail.


    I find this a really welcomed development for apple.

    If anything, now that I am working from home a lot more, things like the SMS / Call integration are going to be very handy, but propose a lot of disruptions if not managed properly.

    Will I be getting an iPhone when this is available and swapping it for my Nexus 5. Yes.



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