ESXi ParaVirtual and Windows Safemode ?

  • Hi,

    I want to ask how normal is this, I have 2008 R2 Guest OS (please let us hold on or at least delay the comments on how old this is) and it is running on ESXi 6.5
    With ParaVirtual Network + Disk activated + VMware guest Tools

    And when If I boot into safe mode from inside the Guest OS, it will due infinite reboot loop. I reckon this is due to safe mode blocks the driver for the Paravirtual of the disk, not sure. I never noticed (cause I rarely boot into safemode) this but I can recreate it easily by snapshot before I restart into safemode.

    Anybody ever experienced the same ?

  • Service Provider

    Safe mode should not affect disk drivers. If it did it could not attempt safe mode at all.