Windows 10 on Vultr

  • Has anyone put windows 10 enterprise or N (msdn) on vultr. I'm uploading a slipstreamed ISO with the disc drivers now. Just wandering if I'll be disappointed. And even if it works will performance be ok?

    Just want to use this to test a client app I'm developing without wasting time putting this bloatware OS on my laptop.

  • Service Provider

    No, and my understanding is that there isn't any licensing that allows for that, although I've not investigated too much. Because you upload your own copy and are not using SPLA it might be viable. You'll need VDI licensing, obviously, so that's a pain. But if you have a VDI licensing system in place, it might be doable.

    Vultr does not officially support Windows Server 2016 yet, so you might run into a hardware issue.