MOA 2007 restore woes

  • I've got the backups I need. I moved to another accounting system which didn't have a conversion for Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 Professional. 4 months ago I created a p2v vhd which would not open in a VM. Then the PC that ran MOA 2007 and my backups crashed. I have the backups, I have created a new Vista Business VM, did all updates, did the MOA updates.

    Tried to restore and got: the media family on device 'C:\Users\ is incorrectly formed. sql server cannot process this media family restore headeronly is terminating

    So I tried updating MSSQL 2005 express to MSSQL 2008 express. Now I get this error:

    MOA 2007 backup fail 2.JPG

    Any ideas?

  • No MSSQL peeps out there?

  • Not me. I may be many things, some of which can't be mentioned in mixed company, but I'm not a DBA.

  • @alexntg thanks for the laugh!

    Quickbooks can only convert the data if the db is running. ^ the backup won't work, none of them. I don't believe the 12 backups are bad, I believe I have to trick MSSQL into accepting my data. I should have stopped using this product after MS pulled support. All my business financials from 2003 to 2013 are on here.

    I have spend over 40 hours so far trying to retrieve the data.

  • Well so far, no luck. I have a backup and nothing to import it into that will work. 10 years of financing data down the drain.

  • Anyone know how to extract data from an .sbb file? I am hoping for csv format.