The Hyperconverged Tipping Point with Scale Computing

  • Have all your wildest dreams come true? Have you found the meaning of life? Has a wave of serenity that puts you in tune with the eternal rhythm of the universe overwhelmed you, making all previous concerns look petty by comparison?

    No? Then you must have never used hyperconverged infrastructure before!

    That may be an exaggeration, but as the new hotness in the enterprise for a while (so I guess its really the old hotness), HCI certainly seems to make a lot of lofty claims. In many ways, HCI is a response to the supposed simplicity of the cloud. For organizations not ready or impractical to move to the cloud, HCI is a great way to simplify provisioning and managing physical infrastructure.....

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    I was waiting to hear if HCI was based on the number 42 somehow...