Vendor Tags in MangoLassi

  • If you are a vendor (or an MSP or some kind of organization that would benefit from being identified or tagged) there is a simply way to handle this. To do this in the easiest way we recommend this process, of course you can modify this to your needs, but this makes for the simplest means that we have found to accommodate the normal needs or an organizational tag.

    Let's say that you work for AlpacaVaca, the ultimate Alpacan Vacation consultancy and you want easy representation here on MangoLassi. You have three of your team here in the community: Roger, Maureen and Reginald475. Each has their own accounts, but it is hard to remember exact screen names and to remember who works for or with which vendor. You can always tag the individuals, but that does not meet the needs well.

    What we recommend is, on your own email back end, making an email account, likely an alias or distribution group, that includes all of the people in your organization that should be notified that they have been tagged in the community. This might include all, some or none of the people active in the community. It could include other people as well.

    Then, use this new email alias or distribution group as the email address for a new MangoLassi account. The account should be, in this example, @alpacavaca. Then, when anyone wants to tag Alpacan Vacations as a company, they can do so with nearly zero effort and instead of tagging an individual who might be on vacation, may switch companies or whatever - they can reliably reach the right group of people at the company who can ensure a proper response.

    I hope that this is helpful in improving the utility of the MangoLassi community.

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