Adding a Salt Minion to a Salt Master

  • Salt Minions communicate with a Salt Master through a set of keys that authenticate the devices to control security. The Minions will contact the Master and request security. On the Master we can list the keys that have been submitted by Minions and we can choose to accept or deny them there.

    As root on the master we can see the key status:

    salt-key --list all

    If you want to accept the available keys, it's this simple:

    salt-key --accept-all

    With Salt commands we can ping the Minions to see what machines can respond to the Master:

    salt '*'

  • New Commands are:

    The salt-key command is used to manage all of the keys on the master. To list the keys that are on the master:

    salt-key -L

    The keys that have been rejected, accepted, and pending acceptance are listed. The easiest way to accept the minion key is to accept all pending keys:

    salt-key -A