Installing a Salt Minion on CentOS 7

  • Installing the Salt Minion agent on a Minion node for Salt Stack is very simple. In this example I will build a CentOS 7 clone on a Scale HC3 cluster, then use the recommended bootstrap method to install the Minion system.

    0_1481435181617_Screenshot from 2016-12-11 00-39-31.png

    cd /tmp; curl -L -o

    The Salt Minion just needs a way to locate its master. We just need to add the IP address of our Salt Master into the /etc/hosts file on the Minion(s) in order to contact it.

    echo ' salt' >> /etc/hosts

    Where is the IP Address of your Salt Master.

    Don't forget to set your hostname of your Minion(s):

    echo 'minion1' > /etc/hostname