Slidedog - Presentation Software recommendation

  • This is their own description of the software

    SlideDog is a powerful presentation tool that seamlessly switches between multimedia presentation files and makes it easy to present like a professional.

    I have been using the software for a week on all of the presentations during our events and have to say I really like it and would totally recommend it. You can create your presentation playlist with different types of files pdfs, powerpoints, web pages , almost all video types (it uses vlc as default player) and just create one big seamless presentation. It has really made my job so much easier this week.

  • Can't help myself, it had to be done

  • Banned

    Massively over priced considering every other package like it.

  • @Breffni-Potter I didn't find it over priced, 8 dollars for the month I was going to use seemed pretty good to me. Care to share other products similar to it, I'd love to test others.