Vapor IO Open Source Fog Computing


    Building distributed server compute capability isn't just about deploying cloud servers, it's also about having compute at the edge of the networking, according to Cole Crawford, founder and CEO of Vapor IO.

    Crawford first launched Vapor in 2015 with a new data center server platform called the Vapor Chamber. Vapor ChamberVapor makes use of the Open DCRE (Data Center Runtime Environment), which is an open-source platform for data center workload automation that the company created.

    The new Vapor Edge platform is built on top of OpenDCRE and helps to enable a distributed fabric for compute power where it's needed, whether in the data center or at the network edge.

    "We think that a new type of cloud is needed, whereas big regional data centers have been used, a new type of cloud is emerging," Crawford told ServerWatch.

    That new type of cloud is very de-centralized, where application latency determines placement of resources. Crawford explained that on top of OpenDCRE, which provides IT telemetry, Vapor has also built Vapor Core, is a commercial product used by operators to remotely monitor and administer systems.

    On top of Vapor Core, Vapor has a product called Compass that is used by operators to automate and build policies and orchestration capabilities for optimizing workloads........