No 2 step verification for a cloud based email backup/archival solution!

  • I have been using Backupify for more than 6 years to backup and archive my Google Apps domain but the guys still do not have any plan to implement 2 step verification! Absolutely unbelievable!!

  • That's a bit surprising.

  • 2fa is on their 2017 roadmap. I'd much rather see SAML support though.

    Would be nice to monitor who has set up a password login. I have never used Backupify u/p though and always rely on Google authentication which you can enforce 2fa on.

  • @larsen161 From a security perspective, I wanted to use separate u/p for my email system and archives.

    Later, Backupify did tell me that they were planning to implement 2fa in 2017 but I would wait for it to happen to believe it as I have been chasing this feature since 2012!

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