Anyone have experience with lab scenario type testing?

  • I am taking ECSA (EC-Council Certified Security Analyst) which is basically a pen testing certification. There are 3 parts to become ECSA.

    1. You have to hack into various networks in a lab. From what I have read they start out easy (have dictionary passwords) then they get much more difficult. You get 30 days for this.

    2. After Hacking the network you have to write a full Pen Test report. You get an additional 30 days to complete a full professional report.

    3. Then you take a 150 multiple choice exam.

    Any advice for this type of exam?

  • Has anybody been through this type of practical exam? I can't find much information about it because they recently updated the test and curriculum to version 9. All the information I am finding online is about v8 which did not include a practical penetration test.

  • I'm afraid not.

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