Offering Training Courses

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    Since Dara IT was started this has been a question that has been in my mind for awhile.

    If we offer training, should it be free or paid?

    The training has to meet 3 criteria:

    • It needs to be high quality. A poor training resource helps no one.
    • We must fulfil a need that is not being met. It has to have value
    • The training must be self sustaining for the time/effort that goes into it.

    Because we want it to meet a certain quality level & be self sustaining, it eliminates the ability of providing detailed training as it is a big investment to pull it off.

    So with that in mind, thinking of publishing courses on different topics on which does bring a lot of benefits, so this thread is a general question of, what would you guys be looking for in terms of training and what would that training be worth to you?

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