Running MariaDB Server or MySQL on Fedora 23

  • Every OS is a slightly different and here is Fedora 23 or Korora 23 and MariaDB (sometimes called MySQL but it is really MariaDB) from the stock repo getting up and running.

    dnf install mariadb mariadb-server

    That will install everything that we need. Now we just need to start the database server itself and set it to start automatically.

    systemctl start mariadb
    systemctl enable mariadb

    This will get you up and running but it is recommend that this security script be run immediately. All you need to do is hit enter a few times, other than entering a new root password:


    That's it. Happy databasing. You can connect to the newly install system using the MySQL command line tool..

    mysql -uroot -p

    Just enter the new password that you set.