What is Your Favourite Open Source Desktop Environment - 2014 Q1

  • Following on the heels of my other question, what desktop environment do you like best? Right now, I am head over heels for Cinnamon, created by the Linux Mint project. To me, the Cinnamon desktop is not only the best in open source but the best, period. It is easy to use, gorgeous and intuitive. I think that Cinnamon, as a product, is more important than anything else that the Mint project generates - and it is built on the Gnome3 libraries which are really good. There are lots of good options and everyone has very different preferences.

    Back in the KDE 3 days, I was a huge fan of KDE and where it was going. Once they went to KDE 4, though, it dropped far down my list.

    My choices are roughly, in order:

    • Cinnamon
    • MATE
    • LXDE
    • XFCE
    • KDE
    • GNOME

  • Find it odd you have GNOME at the bottom. Again though, I haven't given them enough or really any time as of late, to have an opinion. GNOME at least was my favorite but they could have ruined it in recent years.