My journey

  • When I started my career at GeekSquad for $10 an hour back in 2004 I would never imagine where I would be today. Fast forward 12 years and I am working an IT security job for a enterprise organization.

    I have no degree and my path certainly wasn't easy. I started out at the bottom and worked my way up every chance I could get.

    2004 - Geek Squad

    2005-2006 - Enterprise Help Desk

    2007 - 2008 - Desktop Support

    2008-2010 - Network Technician (basically entry level system admin)

    2010-2012 - System Admin

    2012-2016 - Network Administrator II (basically high level System Admin)

    2016 - Cyber Security Vulnerability Manager

    I wanted to share my journey because if you have enough drive anything is possible. A degree is definitely not needed. I started out of high school when all my colleagues started by getting a 4 year degree. I am ahead of my everyone of my colleagues that I talk to that has a degree.

    I am only 29 years old so my journey is far from over.

  • @IRJ Good Topic

  • @IRJ According to me,you have got good exposure in Life than job.Because your life is somewhat Awesome to hear

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