Why NoSQL is awesome.

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  • We switched from MongoDB to Cassandra over a year ago. I can't say MongoDB is bad, but for us it wasn't good enough, primarily due to issues with reverse sorting. We ran into serious performance problems, and trust me, we tried to tune the hell out of it. I will say ours is not a normal use case, we have many terabytes (and I say that with 1024, not 1000) of data.

    So, I can recommend either one to most people, but out of the box MongoDB is easier to deal with than Cassandra, but if you're going nuts like us and having sorting problems, that may be a reason to use Cassandra.

    I'm just mentioning this because it was an issue we wasted way too much time on trying to solve.

  • MangoLassi runs on MongoDB, it's a big part of what makes the site so fast, responsive and flexible.

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