Schedule task to show up as calendar appointment

  • I use my calendar to schedule my time as well as my client's time for the week. I find if I create a task from an email, it doesn't show up on my calendar. Is there a step I am missing or do I just need to copy and paste the task into the calendar?

  • Is this in Outlook?
    A task is a separate item from a calendar appointment, however you can add a reminder to a task (but that still won't show as scheduled time on the calendar).

  • @lillucia Yes it's Outlook. I make reminders all the time, but then I make appointment or schedule other stuff forgetting about the task!

  • Do you have your to-do pane enabled? If so, you can show both your appointments and tasks.

  • @alexntg that is a good idea, but I never seem to notice it. Also my O365 calendar is on my android calendar, and that's what I see more often during the day.

  • Oh yes, my Google Fu is powerful today.I found the answer and tried it, just what the doctor ordered, aside from some weird formatting, but who cares really?

    You can open/read your email and then in the toolbar at the top under Move, choose Calendar. A calendar schedule appointment opens up with your email subject in the subject line and in the text area the body of your email. You just set your start/end time and BAM, its on the calendar. I might actually get stuff done now.

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