Stopping spam with SCL of 0

  • Youve all seen these emails, or maybe you havent. If not please let me know!

    "%industry% professionals databank/user list".
    Generally one or two of these get through per day here.
    Annoying, but people just delete them when they get them.
    Theyre tricky ones to stop get though because their SCL is 0 according to Exchange.
    How would you stop these?
    I was thinking adding some regex filters on a incoming transport rule

  • I did put some text pattern matches on a transport rule
    "IT Professional"
    "IT Professionals' list"
    IT Staffing
    "Contracted Program*"
    "Telecom user*"
    "Target Industry:" << this one is very common in the 'buy user lists/dbs for your company'
    "Dear Sir/Madam"
    ^^ that one actually is catching a email from a legit company that sends us invoices/PO, that phrase is actually auto-generated in every email. Annoying.

    Phrases like this are common throughout most of these emails.

    Seems to be working well so far.

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