Webinar Sept 7th at 3pm BST The Ransomware (R)evolution

  • Over the past few years, malware authors have developed increasingly sophisticated and creative ways to infect endpoints. Encrypting ransomware is no longer merely an annoyance. It’s a highly persistent and organised criminal activity in full deployment, with Ransomware-as-a-Service at its core. The damage from becoming a ransomware victim is considerable, and can even put organisations out of business.

    At Webroot, we believe it’s possible to effectively protect enterprises and users, but only by understanding your adversary and the techniques they use for their attacks. In this webinar, Webroot’s own Senior Threat Research Analyst, Tyler Moffitt, will offer expert insights into the past, current, and emerging encrypting ransomware variants—and how businesses can stay ahead.

    The Ransomware (R)evolution
    3:00 PM BST | Wednesday, September 7th

    Webinar highlights include:
    A brief history of encrypting ransomware, and how it has evolved
    An in-depth look into Cryptolocker, Teslacrypt, Locky, Cryptowall, etc.
    How Ransomware-as-a-Service and Bitcoin have changed the cybercriminal business model
    How organisations can stay ahead of encrypting ransomware and next-generation threats
    15-minute Q&A on issues specific to the EMEA region

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  • Yikes there has been at least 4 major new ransomware threats released in the past week. I sent all employees an email this morning warning them.

  • Yeah they're coming strong and fast. And evolving, as this blog post shows:

    Tyler's webinars are always really good. I've seen him do a previous version of this one and it's fascinating to see the history. I'll be watching again for sure.

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