Tecmo Bowl 2016

  • Here is a cool custom NES rom with some enhancements including semi current rosters


    D. Tecmo Super Bowl 2016 notes
    Check Defense condition - In the same location as the time out menu there is now a "CHECK DEF" option which lets you scroll left and right through your players
    4-3 Defenses - Several teams employ 4-3 defenses. The "RT" (Right Tackle) will show up as the LILB on the rosters.
    Coverage Hack - This takes the place of Quickness. If an interception is not made, the Coverage value will be used to see if the defender causes an in-completion
    32-Team ROM
    Rosters current as of 9/8/15
    Adjustable quarter length
    Playbook editing in-game
    Player 2 attributes now display correctly
    Halftime stats
    Passing Accuracy hack is different from last year. Pass Control determines if a pass will be completed. Passing Accuracy determines if the ball will be on target.
    Quickness now works. This will be the maximum speed of a defender if they pick up a fumble or make an interception

  • That's a neat idea.

  • Tecmo Bowl... there is a name that I have not heard in a long, long time.

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