VMware install

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    Here is my situation:
    I have a vcenter server (5.5) managing a single blade-iucs01

    I had to upgrade vcenter to 6.0, and then add our new ucs- rrucs01-04
    The upgrade failed and the error told me to contact VMware, vmware told me to uninstall vcenter on vcenter server and then reinstall with 6. I did this. I then could not use my domain credentials to login, but I at least was on 6.

    I added the license and made a cluster(which it would not let me use DRS from license, not a priority). I added the four new blades to the cluster, and got a bunch of HA errors. On top of that, I cant add iucs01 to the datacenter so i can manage it. I dont know much about vmware, and I need help. What else and i missing?

    Also, how do I find the SAN? It doesnt show up under datastores