DragonAge and BioShock on Steam This Werkend

  • Two of the biggest game franchises are on serious sale on Steam this weekend. If you've never played DragonAge Origins, spend the $7.50 and play the complete game with all expansions and DLC. This is one of the greatest games ever.

  • Can you tell me more about the game? I am temped.....

  • @Aaron-Studer said:

    Can you tell me more about the game? I am temped.....

    best game ever. That pretty much sums it up.

  • DAO, as it is known, is the first of the DA franchise whose third episode is due out this fall. DAO is hard core roleplaying with serious storyline, great graphics, deep involvement. Really pulls you in. This is a game that really tells a story. One of the neat things is that it lets you play as any of six characters with completely different starting stories. So you can play a few times with many hours of unique material each time.

    There is a lot of character development, you really form relationships and they really affect the game.

    This "Ultimate Edition" comes with the "1.5" release Awakenings which was sold for PS3 and XBOX360 as a standalone second game. But because it runs on the same engine it was considered an expansion, even though it stood alone. So you can think of it as installments 1.0 and 1.5. Dragon Age 2 is available for PC but not from Steam, sadly. DA2 wasn't as good as the original BUT the later parts of the game expose that it is just part of the story and DA3 is looking to be freaking amazing. So this one package for $7.50 is a massive amount of gameplay for very little money. Two huge games plus a lot of DLC included.

  • DAO is definitely in my top five games of all time and it is @Dominica all time favourite. The only game I've seen her play through more than once. @ajstringham is a huge fan too.

  • Did you play Baldur's Gate games back in the day? DAO is considered the modern, spiritual successor to those.

  • Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek: Voyager) and Tim Curry are major voice actors in DAO.

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