How this IT Team Became Heroes

  • What would you do if your management team told you that the company's growth was so strong that according to forecasts, they needed to double IT infrastructure... but they didn't have the budget to increase cap-ex or monthly spend?

    "Impossible" was their first thought.

    In this episode, United Layer sales engineer, Saad Saleem, tells a story of an IT team that faced this dilemma six months ago. He details how they pulled it off... and were applauded and viewed as heroes by their management team.

    Cloud Therapy: EP 016 - Growing Infrastructure without Money Creates IT Heroes

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  • Isn't it an iron clad rule that there are no heros in IT?

  • @MattSpeller said in How this IT Team Became Heroes:

    Isn't it an iron clad rule that there are no heros in IT?

    There was that great thread on SW years ago, I wish that I had the link, where there were hundreds of responses to "who is your IT hero" and not one, literally, not a single one, mentioned someone who worked in IT except for one...and the thing that made him their hero wasn't his IT work but his writing and not his writing about IT but his writing about time management. Zero IT people made the list. All marketing, sales or software people... and one writer.