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My uncle ran a successful hardware distribution business employing dozens of people for over 30 years. His motivation was to generate work, security, and happiness, for owner and employees. He could have been more profitable, but chose not to.

I'll have to tell him he spent his life devoted to a hobby 🙂

But then he was a socialist. Maybe we just think about business differently in Europe? Scott likes to label things, but I'm not sure it makes any difference.

It does, to the point Scott as trying to make, though the posts were long so perhaps you missed it. IT is a Business Tool, as such when in a "business" as Scott would call it - it's pretty easy to know what to do - IT does what it takes to make the business the money money. When you're running a "something else business" (really hate the hobby term, it's pretty demeaning), IT doesn't actually have a cut a dry clear goal... now it has to fall to the whim of those in charge.

So the real question becomes.... why would anyone find the term "hobby" demeaning? Hobbies are what we love to do. Hobbies are the important things in our lives. Hobby is not demeaning or negative. It's just honest. It's only demeaning if the hobby itself is embarrassing.