@Dashrender @JaredBusch Of course that's true - but you have important data on a machine? no backups? or just don't want to deal with restoring the data? We do have backups done on a regular interval via the help of SaltStack. again not every situation is similar situation to the usual places you guys work, I work with MSF France as an I.T Supervisor in a hospital, where the users need to be mobile and work in locations at camps offline. and Central Authentication system can do more harm than good, and we have a lot of policies and rules to maneuver around. trust me Jared you wont be able to survive here. it is way out of your comfort zone with everything ready for you in place and having a big budget for everything. Here I.T budget has to be shared with the Yemeni crisis and you can imagine where will the money will always go to. So we have to live and operate with what we have and do the best with it. Oh and before suggesting something clever, that you assume I have not thought about already, We cant use cloud services in MSFF.