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  • Yesterday, one of the Facebook’s Official, Nick Gianos posted a blog at Facebook Developer’s Platform about the new feature ‘Demographic Restrictions’ for its developers. Having the slogan ‘Delivering the Right Content to the Right Audience’, they look all set to hand over the developers the control to restrict their apps from being used by the certain group likes of location & age depending on the nature of the application. Facebook have launched new API methods and FBML tag, which will allow the application developers to restrict their application as a whole or to some of its specific contents within their application to some of their demographic groups like of users by age or by location that the developers think the content, might not suit well for those groups.

    Nick explained: “If you have specific content you want to restrict, but want to keep your application generally visible to all users, you can use the fb:restricted-to tag to restrict the audience for that specific content. This tag ensures that the content will appear only to users who should view it.”
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    Later on the Policy Update was announced for the beverage companies for promoting their content. Nick Gianos asserted in the blog: “With this announcement, we are in the process of revising our Platform Application Guidelines that currently restrict applications promoting content such as sale of alcohol. Creators of some apps know what is game optimizing service on android, so they have high rates and can easily appear on your device. We plan to modify this policy to permit promotion of content around the sale of alcohol, provided that you specifically use the Demographic Restrictions feature to restrict your application or content to users of appropriate legal age.”

    This gives the flashback of some applications being shut down as they promoted alcohol some time back. But now, with the new feature ‘Demographic Targeting’ the developers would be able to prevent their content being viewed by the some under-aged groups that should not be allowed to view that content with the free hand to prevent it by the location as well.

    Mr. Gianos further explained this new feature like this: “For example, if you have licensed a game for U.S. and Canada users only, you can use this method to restrict the application to those countries only, and it will simply not appear to users in the rest of the world.”

    Personally, I feel that this is the point of compromise or u may say the point of balance between both the developers and viewers. Developers would be able to promote their content by their applications while they would be able to prevent the content being viewed by some appropriate legal age, if it has to be any beverage-related application or it has any other content that might not suit well for the teenagers and likewise. The room for marketing of liquor companies is being created on Facebook as well with this new feature.

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