@scotth said in I tried NAS4Free, FreeNAS, OMV, ... Lots of suggestions to move to Linux. I'm willing. Point me please.:

I'm running XenServer 7.2, Xen Orchestra Community (nice script, btw - I used Jarli01) and am fine with it so far. I played around tossing in a few distros and with a little more futzing around, I'm going to move my storage to a Linux distro, at least I'm leaning that way.
My default SR is local and I want to create reliable storage for a backup target. I have a decent box here, two 4T drives and have run Linux on it before.
Any faves, honorable mentions, quirks, hazards?

Personally I like md + LVM + XFS. XFS and btrfs are both completely valid avenues as well. Just stay away from the "NAS" distributions like FreeNAS. Better off managing it yourself the vast majority of the time.